The benefits of wearing a mask are unquestionable, they will keep you safer during any type of viral episode. However it is important that you do handle and keep your reusable masks clean so here are our suggestions and they do apply to our own masks and similar products.

Wash your hands before putting your mask on to avoid contaminating it. Once you have clean hands, grab the mask ties and place over your ears. Make sure the mask is covering your nose at least up to its bridge, is covering your mouth around your chin and is snug up against your face without any

gaps on either side. DO not touch your mask or pull it down under your chin while wearing it. Instead use the straps to reposition it while in use. Wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer before removing it and store in a safe place. Clean regularly to insure the mask remains germ free. Most important if you need to dispose of it do so properly.

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