Thought of by father and son to find a way to help the medical community with the current pandemic. Supplying PPE, Food, housing, and more by donating 100% of our profits to hospitals and medical staff organizations.


It's truly about awareness and community getting behind a simple message that speaks volumes. All of us on planet Earth are in this together and to work as one united front to solve the problem. There are solutions and this is but one way of many.

This is grassroots, beyond party politics, beyond government, this is a message from the people that change is a powerful tool when harnessed for the right reasons. If we all seriously address our actions then we will see good progress, good results. This is a little thing we are doing in the hope that our efforts and yours can help to make some difference in this battle. 

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Santa Barbara County Sheriff​


                                                                                                Montecito Fire Department


Santa Barbara Police Department

                                                                                                                   Santa Barbara Search and Rescue